Thank you for your participation today!

Welcome to the Card Sort Study. Your responses will help us organize the content of the future Mozilla Support website.

  1. Please sort articles into topics. We are not testing your abilities. We are testing article names and topic names.
  2. When you want to put an article into more than one topic, choose the first place that you would look for it yourself.
  3. When you understand the article name, but you want to put it into a topic that is not here , please put it in the topic named “other”.
  4. When the article name is not clear enough to be put into a topic , put it in the topic named “?”. Please don’t search or worry about these. It is very important for us to find out which article names need more information.

Thank you! Your participation is very important to us and we appreciate your help.

Best regards,

The Mozilla support User Experience team